Long Distance

Long Distance is a webseries starring Meghann Murphy and Craig Jorczak, written by Meghann Murphy and Matty Smith, and directed by Matty Smith.
Meghann just moved to Los Angeles, leaving her boyfriend Craig back in New York. The trailer for a webseries about two people whose nightly Skype conversations give them just enough to remain sane when work and the stress of living in a big city push them to their limits.
Day 1
Meghann starts work, Craig helps Meghann work her computer.
Day 15
Craig cooks, Meghann parks.
Day 16
Craig gets a roommate, Meghann sees a homeless guy.
Day 37
Meghann doesn't get any messages, Craig doesn't contemplate suicide.
Day 52
Meghann sees a homeless guy again.
Day 75
Meghann confronts her neighbor, Craig "considers" moving to LA.